Incident grave de l'Airbus A330 immatriculé C-GFAJ exploité par Air Canada survenu le 05/02/2017 à Bruxelles [enquête menée par AIB / Belgique]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de la Belgique :


During the take off run from Runway 07L of EBBR, one wheel (Forward, Right hand wheel) of the RH Main Landing Gear broke off. Parts were sprayed on the whole Runway 07L including the crossing of Runway 01. The crew interrupted the take off at 82 kts after a loud bang was heard, and an ECAM warning “brake” came on. The braking did not occur as intended, as one Thrust Reverser did not deploy due to the loss of the Green Hydraulic pressure. This event happened shortly before another aircraft, from KLM, declared a PAN PAN fuel. The airplane made a deviation to Brussels due to bad weather in Amsterdam.