Incident grave de l'ATR 72 immatriculé ZK-MCY et exploité par Mount Cook Airlines survenu le 09/04/2017 à Palmerston North [Enquête menée par TAIC / Nouvelle-Zélande]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de Nouvelle-Zélande :

Landing gear was selected down on approach to Nelson. Right main gear indicated unsafe on both the primary and secondary panels. Approach was discontinued. Landing gear unsafe indication checklist run, followed by the landing gear gravity extension checklist. The unsafe indications remained. Due to the shorter runway length at Nelson, the crew elected to divert to Palmerston North. The aircraft was held over Palmerston North for approximately 45 minutes to reduce the fuel on board. The landing with abnormal landing gear checklist was run. The aircraft was landed with the left main gear making contact first, with the crew holding the right main gear off the ground for as long as possible. Shortly after the right main gear made contact, the outboard tire on the right main gear burst. The aircraft was brought to a stop on the runway and all passengers and crew disembarked normally through the main door before being taken to the terminal.