Accident to the Rolladen Schneider LS8-18 registered F-CIBD on 13/04/2019 at Avize (Marne)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

The pilot made a towed take-off at about 13:30 from Buno-Bonnevaux aerodrome (Essonne) for a circular eastbound flight to Épernay-Plivot aerodrome (Marne).

At about 16:40, the glider passed over Épernay-Plivot aerodrome and the pilot began the return leg.

Approximately three minutes later, while flying at a height of 630 m above an agricultural zone, the pilot lost control of her glider and hit the ground in a vineyard.

The pilot commenced a flight in turbulent meteorological conditions.

She was sitting on the harness in its locked position. The investigation was unable to determine whether this omission was intentional or an oversight.

The flight proceeded nominally up to Épernay Plivot aerodrome. A few minutes after starting the return leg, at a height of about 630 m, the flight path curved and the glider was observed to gain height concomitantly with a decrease in airspeed.

The investigation findings indicated that the subsequent loss of control and possible autorotation were probably due to the aerological conditions combined with low airspeed while the glider was turning.